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Portable Baby High chair


Looking for the best Baby High Chair on the Market?

This Portable Baby Chair is a safe and convenient companion for on-the-go parents to keep baby secure. It will hold your baby securely and provide a safe solution for you whenever you're out and about. This Portable Baby Chair can come with you to a Restaurant a party or to a friends house. 



Enjoy your meals hands-free from now on with this practical and portable baby chair. Put it in your bag and use it whenever you need both of your hands, even if just for a few minutes. Get a chair, secure your baby and do your job! 



Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for highchairs, grimacing at germ-infested surfaces, or being baffled by broken buckles. This Portable Baby High Chair will make your day-to-day outings more convenient & enjoyable.

Without taking up any space in your house, this portable baby high chair is the most compact clip-on highchair in the market; and is also a hygienic solution when at home or eating out.


  • 100% SAFE.
  • Perfect for eating out or visiting friends & family
  • The portable design which can fold into its own tiny travel pouch & is completely machine washable
  • Durable & made of high quality material
  • Can hold up 18kg (40lbs)

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