Anti Mosquito Fishing Hat

We all know how mosquitoes can be annoying while fishing. This Anti Mosquito Fishing Hat keeps the mosquitos off your face while your out fishing with friends or family. It also can be used as a regular fishing hat. 



1.Made of nylon quick-drying fabric, this fishing flap hat is soft, lightweight, breathable, comfortable and portable
2.The cover around your face and neck is detachable. Feels too hot? Just remove it. Want to protect your skin? Add it at will
3.This UPF 50+ flap cap provides 360-degree UVA and UVB protection for your head, face, and neck, as the face cover is long enough to cover your whole head. If you still need the protection for your eyes, you can wear a pair of sunglasses freely
4.Suitable for people who like outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, traveling, riding the mountain bike, gardening, beach sports and so on
5.If you still need a touch of security when you are walking in the wind or rain, you could fasten the adjustable chin strap. Don't need to worry that your hat will easily fly in the sky
6.This washable quick-drying sun hat is easy to clean, fold, and carry along. You can feel free to fold and place it into the bag to take up less space while having your hands free

Packaged include:

  • 1 x flap hat


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