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16" Floor Fan

Industrial 16 Inch Floor Fan Oscillates with no External Moving Parts

Features a permanently lubricated 3-speed, 220V sleeve bearing motor. When set for oscillation mode, the oscillation mechanism is directly connected to the fan blades, allowing for complete circular orbital oscillation inside the wire guards. This unique feature makes this unit a much safer option versus other oscillating floor fans as there are no moving parts outside the protective wire guards. The internal oscillation also makes the unit more compact and easier to place in tight fit locations while still maintaining maximum air moving functionality. There is a built in carry handle and cord wrap for added convenience and portability. Meets OSHA Standards. 




  • Name: Fans
  • Model: FE-40B
  • Voltage: 220V
  • power: 120W
  • Product Size: 525*170*485mm
  • Speed: 4 files
  • Motor speed: 1300r / min
  • Blade diameter: 400mm
  • Packing size: 55.7*21.2*53cm
  • Weight: 6.24kg

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