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Professional At Home Acrylic Nail Starter Kit


Most women prefer getting their nails done at the nail salon but they don't have the time go. That is why The Professional At Home Acrylic Nail Starter Kit is the perfect solution to getting your nails done. The Professional At Home Acrylic Nail Starter Kit is the new innovative way to get your nails done in the comfort of your own home. This is an easy and quick way to do your nails for pro and beginners too. It is easier to use than any other Professional At Home Acrylic Nail Starter Kit available in the market.

Complete Set Comes with:

  • Nail Filer x3
  • Steel Pusher x1
  • 4 way nail filer x1
  • Dead skin fork x1
  • Soak off base gel polish x2
  • Soak off top coat polish x2
  • 12 colors of rhinestones x1
  • Cuticle oil x1
  • Pink brush x1
  • Fashion nail sticker x2
  • Nail polish remover x8
  • Nail drill machine x1
  • Nail drill bits x8
  • Plastic nail art cap clip x5
  • 12 colors of pearls x1
  • Nail clipper x1
  • Nail glue x1
  • Sheet french tips x3
  • Rolls nail tape lines x5
  • Sanding band x6
  • 100 pieces false nail tips x1
  • 1/2oz UV gel pink x1
  • 1/2oz UV gel White x1
  • 1/2oz UV gel Clear x1
  • Nail Polish x20

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