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Selfie Ring Light With Stand

Having a professional studio in your own house is now possible!

Finally, you have everything you need to grow your social media, with the LED Selfie Ring Light with Stand. Our kit will create a perfect shadowless full lighting around your face. Perfect for video bloggers, and make-up artists to look more flawless than ever. Now, you’ll be able to create clearer, well lit content than you could have ever imagined! With the Selfie Ring Light With Stand, you can expect a precise, high quality multi-filter LED Lighting that will make all your videos and pictures much better.

It is perfect for anyone who loves being in front of a camera and creating great content. This Selfie Ring Light With Stand will allow you to place your mobile phone and easily adjust the lighting to your liking! 

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Kit Includes:

  • 12 Inch LED Ring Light
  • Adjustable Phone Holder
  • 6 Foot Light Stand


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